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Stop Tormenting Yourself

You have been conditioned to self censor. You have been told that success isn't for "people like you." You have been told that doing anything outside the confines of mediocrity is stupid, selfish, impolite. It's all bullshit.  It's a coward's creation. You're afraid...

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Acting Upon Your Decisions Is Not Optional

Most people spend the majority of their life NOT acting on the decisions they make. This always baffles me. When they want to build their ultimate life… When they recognize a problem that needs to be solved… When they know they need to do things differently to produce...

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There Is No “Secret”

The super secret sauce you’re looking for on the internet search engine that will take your life to the next level is already inside you. It always has been. It’s a decision. A decision to stop procrastinating. A decision to stop playing the victim. A decision to...

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“Know Your Worth” Is Mentally Weak

So I land on a social media post this morning and see a woman making a kissy face in her selfie with the headline "LADIES, KNOW YOUR WORTH!" And she continues to rant about how hard women have it and how women need to "band together..." (for the sake of feminism i...

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Friendship Breakups, It’s A Thing

Friendship breakups. It’s a thing. A good thing. If you’re not currently doing an inner circle cleanse and getting rid of the dead weight… …or people who bring you the gossip and drama that other people say about you under the guise of “being a good friend…” …you will...

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The Secret To Your Success Is You

Millions of people press pause on their goals when the weekend arrives… ...that’s your competitive advantage. Keep moving forward toward your goals. Stay focused on the daily actions you need to take in order to achieve your outcomes. Don’t let others pressure you...

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You Don’t Need To Hire A Coach

Most people hire a coach to "find themselves" because a sponsored ad popped into their feed. And there's plenty of "money grab coaches" out there willing to take your hard earned dollar and push you through an internet framework to tap into your "inner self." It's...

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Ignore The Haters

Let them point and laugh. Let them call you names. Let them try to keep you inside the confines of mediocrity. Unless you want to be like them, why are you listening to them? Stay focused on the end goal, keep your head down, and do the work. Don’t get intimidated by...

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Be More Aggressive

Be more aggressive. The reason most of you struggle with fear is because you’re not aggressive enough with your life. You’re super passive. You’re sitting around waiting for “all the bad things to happen.”  And that’s why they do. You’re sitting around reacting...

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Success Is A Decision

If you haven’t chased your most ambitious desires today or helped others become better… you should know something… 1️⃣ this is why your life sucks 2️⃣ the day isn’t over Success is a decision. With fire and love, Erin

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This Is How You Dominate

If you can’t execute when things don’t go as planned… …then building your ultimate life is out of the question. This should not come as a surprise to you. But… The mainstream narrative encourages you to give up on yourself. And, tries to convince you that you can...

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Here’s A Good Rule Of Thumb

Make sure you discern who you choose to listen to on social media, podcasts, newsletters, and everything in between. Everybody will have an opinion on how you should live your life and what you should change. Here’s a good rule of thumb… They only question you need to...

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