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Make Better Decisions

The only person holding you back is you. It was you then. It’s you now. You are the common denominator in all the bullshit happening in your life. You can try to deny this. You can try to point fingers at outside circumstances. You can try to claim it's someone else's...

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Never Compromise Your Standards

Building your ultimate life requires setting the highest standards you’ve ever set before… As well as holding yourself and others to those same standards. This means you have to structure your life in a way you likely haven’t before with the idea that you can EITHER…...

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Use Their Hatred As Fuel

Success makes other people squirm because it reminds them of all the coulda shoulda woulda moments in their own life they didn’t chase. Most people see others who are winning and immediately get jealous, bitter, and angry... Because you remind them of everything they...

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Be Selective With Your Inner Circle

It’s important to be ultra selective about who you choose to spend your time with. Your daily discipline… Your every day thoughts... The energy you show up with... The progress you make toward your goals… ...and everything in between… Are HEAVILY influenced by the...

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This Is The Norm, Not The Exception

Today marks TWO years of consecutive daily exercise. But, that isn’t what deserves attention today. So do NOT send me a direct message to say CONGRATULATIONS for this. Daily exercise should be the norm, not the exception. And it should be viewed as a precedent to your...

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There Is No “Secret Sauce”

Every single one of us is fighting a battle no one knows about that causes anxiety, frustration, and heartache. And when that happens, people start searching for the "secret sauce" to fix everything. Guess what... There is no secret sauce. That's why... The answer...

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Forward Is A Discipline

Building your ultimate life has zero empathy for how you’re “feeling” today. Too tired? Too sore? Too broke? Too uncomfortable? Too bad. Nobody fucking cares. Quit making excuses or you’ll continue to be fed the scraps from the doers. And here’s another thought while...

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The Truth About Being Different

Everyone wants to feel valued and heard. It’s how the human brain is wired. But most people spend more of their time trying so damn hard to be like everybody else… For fear of being an outcast. So they make shit up on their social media profiles. They tell half...

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Better Days Are Coming

All the work that builds you into the badass version of yourself is done ALONE. You’ll stress ALONE. You’ll hurt ALONE. You’ll worry ALONE. You’ll want to give up because you FEEL ALONE. You’ll question your beliefs, your goals, your actions, your intrapersonal...

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Stop Complaining About Your “Bad Day”

I’m not gonna pretend being an entrepreneur is all fun and giggles. It’s not. It actually sucks most of the time. It’s hard AF. I’m tired AF. I feel alone AF. But here’s what I know… These are the days when everybody else turns their back on their game plan. These are...

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You Must Not Compromise

This thing we call life is an uphill battle. It takes hard work and consistency executing the RIGHT actions in order to move the needle forward. And not just for a few days here and there. You must do this for thousands and thousands of days… Until your last breath....

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Get Back Up

Expecting life to be easy is what keeps you angry, bitter, and disappointed. It’s not going to get any easier. So stop thinking it will be. That’s why building the skill sets of perseverance, grit, determination, discipline, and vigilance are so important… So you can...

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