I’m a Certified Executive Coach who’s on a mission to teach doctors how to remove self imposed barriers and define their highest potential so they can feel like they’re winning in life over and over again.

The neuroscience behind how to do this is what I’m all about.

Institute of Coaching
Institute of Coaching
Wharton University of PA
University of Central Florida
Harvard University
University of Central Florida

What I Do

  • Proven coaching techniques that are making a difference right now in operating rooms, medical clinics, and private practice.
  • High impact executive coaching sessions that keep you moving forward.
  • Holding you accountable to your commitments so you make progress.
  • No coloring, yoga, or meditation during your sessions since those techniques don’t allow for interaction.
  • No workbooks or handouts since they get filed away and never used.

I Get You Results!

What is an Executive Coach?

Someone who maximizes your personal and professional potential.

Do you Specialize?

Yes. Neuroscience, high impact leadership,  and physician burnout.

Why do Doctors Hire an Executive Coach?

To act as a confidential accountability partner.

Are you a Licensed Therapist?

No, and this is not a substitute for licensed therapy.

Which doctors do you work with?

All specialties, mainly orthopedics, who practice medicine full time.

Do we meet in person?

We speak over the phone or via ZOOM.

Six of the most common questions doctors have...

It's not audacious to charge $6k per hour... find out why!

by Erin Whitehead | Entrepreneurship 101

Translating Powerful Neuroscience Into the Tools for Everyday Life.

Envision an ideal future state that clearly defines what you prioritize in life, and we’ll create a strategic roadmap that makes it a reality, together.

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