The Antidote To The Malevolence Of Life

Some days seem like everything is going perfect. Your energy is on point, you jump out of bed, all your prayers falls into place… And you feel mighty. On the other hand… Some days feel pointless, your momentum gets slashed, and every fucking thing irritates the shit...

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What Are You Waiting For?

Decide what’s important to your future… If it doesn’t empower you… If it doesn’t bring you success… If it doesn’t make you mentally stronger… If it doesn’t bring you peace… Then it doesn’t belong in your life. Period. Cut everything else out. Extremely. Without...

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This Is How You Shape Your Future

Who are you? And more importantly, who could you be, if you were everything you could conceivably be? Because this is something that most of you struggle with. Everyone, I believe, has the sense that there is more to them than has yet to be attained… Hidden behind and...

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The Truth About Obsession

I don’t care what anyone says… Your goals in life need to become an obsession. Literally.  You want to stop spinning in circles? You want to make a bigger difference in your community? You want to realize your highest ambitions? You want to be happier in life?...

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Your Obligation To Others

They aren’t supposed to get it. They aren’t supposed to understand why you want what you want. That’s why they call you arrogant. And egotistical. And shame you for believing in yourself. And call you selfish for demanding more of those around you. They think that by...

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Never Wrestle With Pigs

Here's your reality check today... Some of you look stupid af with your passive aggressive hater comments. You need to understand something... Nobody gives a damn but you. To the rest of you... No reaction is a reaction and it sends a powerful message. When people try...

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Handle Your Shit

Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. ~ William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar I’ve had hundreds of people tell me they are “thinking of making a big change in life...” which is sad because if you are “thinking” about...

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“I’m Trying” Is Not Doing

The ultimate cop out in life is this phrase… “I’m trying.” We all know people who TRY something new… People who TRY to start a new business. People who TRY to lose the weight for good. People who TRY to make positive changes. And instead of leaning into the commitment...

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“I’m Offended” Is Mentally Weak

“I’M OFFENDED!” is a mentally weak statement made by people who are the piss droplet in their own lives. They’re OFFENDED by your actions. They’re OFFENDED by your thoughts. They’re OFFENDED by your achievements, goals, ability to think beyond the confinement of...

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Your Sacrifice Is Normal

You think you’re making sacrifices in pursuit of your most ambitious desires? You think you’re giving up everything as you work toward building a better body, bank account, relationship, business? If so, you’re delusional. Many people think they have a good...

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You Are Not Alone

Do you feel alone? I’ve met tons of people who tell me they feel isolated and detached from regular society because they… 👉🏼 have extremely high standards 👉🏼 value self discipline over excuses 👉🏼 keep score and value losses over wins 👉🏼 deal in actions and results…...

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Seeing It Through To The End

A lot of people will tell you to hide from your ambition or you that should be ashamed of it. And that's why I'm going to tell you right now... Fuck those people! Failing against HUGE ambitious goals will ALWAYS bring more success than obtaining a small one. I could...

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