Why You Should Bother Aiming Higher

When it comes to dominating in life... Everyone says they want it. Few actually do the work. Even fewer endure and do what nobody else is willing to do. So, what differentiates the few who actually dominate in life from everyone else? Is it because they are somehow...

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This Will Guarantee A Mediocre Life

Ever have shitstorms land directly in your lap and explode? The kind that causes high emotional intensity only to discover none of it is still relevant 24 hours later. Yet... When it comes to building your dream career, dream body, dream bank account, dream...

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Earn Your Sleep

Everything you see on social media is about getting motivated and staying motivated. EVERYTHING. Motivation is the new buzz word. You know why? 👉 It’s good for business. Don’t get me wrong. Motivation can be a strong driving force in business and in life. And for...

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Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!

It’s more than popular right now to be told to think happy and upbeat thoughts. That’s fine. But, it’s not a mental toughness strategy. Don’t believe me? Let’s see you walk dead center into your next shitstorm with, “everything-is-better-with-a Christmas-tree”...

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The Power to Keep Going

You know you should, but you don’t. You know you shouldn’t, but you do it anyway.  It’s the hamster wheel from hell you’re so familiar with. You know the common denominator I’m referring to? Self-sabotage. You know what I mean when I say self-sabotage? It’s the...

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Stop Choking Down The Bile of Mediocrity

AMBITIOUS AF is four months old today. That's when I started delivering these daily doses of raw, uncensored truth... the kind of things that would be considered taboo on social media... ...and I posted them daily... ...through the pushback, name calling, and threats...

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Friendship Break-Ups, It’s A Thing

How many of you have friends who take ZERO responsibility for their bad circumstances? These people add little to no value to the world. They blame the karma gods for their situation. They are energy vampires. They bang their victim drum like they’re aiming for a...

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Your Life Is Ending One Minute At A Time

Turns out... There’s a lot of happy, self-help stuff out there. You know what I mean by happy, self-help stuff right? It’s the easy to consume bullshit standing at the ready the moment you type your most intimate thoughts into the search bar and click “I’m feelin’...

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Fear Of Failure Is Not What You Think

The problem is not fear of failure. Rather, the potential of being SEEN to fail is where people really struggle. You tell yourself that if no one was allowed to witness you plunge head first from grace… …you would march forward like a bitch in heat. Yet you wait. And...

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A Simple Truth

Simply put, most people take the completely wrong approach to cutting the bullshit out of their life. Everyone wants a simple answer. Everyone wants to be told how to be successful, or lose the weight for good, or fall in love properly. Because, at some level, they...

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The 3 Mindset Shifts of Radically Successful Surgeons

Abstract:  This article is written from the vantage point of an executive coach and provides the reader with three mindset shifts that reveal a proven path to obliterate mental barriers and claim ownership of the radically successful experience.*Executive...

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Conquer Your Life or Die Miserable

You know why you aren’t living the life you want right now? Because you don’t understand REAL COMMITMENT. I’m talking about the kind of commitment that removes all available paths back to your previous ineffective patterns. The kind of commitment that requires you to...

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