Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi… I’m Erin. But you might hear people call me the AMBITIOUS AF PATRIOT. We’ll get to that in a minute. I want you to know what they called me as a kid…STUPID. UGLY. WEIRD.Even the teachers.I suppose society had a plan for me:1️⃣ Go find a husband.2️⃣ Be a...

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Destroy The Mediocrity In Your Life

Society conditions us to fall in line. To do what’s comfortable. Simple. Fast. Low stress. Everything in my feed is about how to lead a very low pressure lifestyle with some sort of “hack” or “shortcut” or special “formula.” EVERYTHING. The social media “gurus” will...

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“I Quit Because It Was Hard”

Most people LIE to their kids, just like they LIE to themselves. You want to know why? Because it’s easier to tell their kid a victim story about how things just “weren’t meant to be.” They spew words like “unlucky,” “no opportunities,” “fu cked over,” “screwed,” or...

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Never Compromise Your Standards

“Hey Erin, do you think that stating your PATRIOTIC views will hurt your business?” And my answer has been and always will be… HELL NO! 💪🏼👊🏼🇺🇸 Not even close. So many of you are too concerned about getting a mean stare down at the water cooler for speaking your truth....

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The Most Brutally Honest Q&A

Q: Why don't you have a marketing plan? A: Because my actions speak louder than your bait and switch bullshit Q: How do you grow your audience? A: I do really hard, epic shit and invite the world to observe; even if I fall flat on my face. Q: How do you become an...

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Make The Choices Others Won’t

Your OBLIGATION to the next generation is to set the highest possible standards for yourself. And then hold yourself accountable to those standards. Every single day. For life. If you execute this concept consistently, you’ll start to see changes happen in your life....

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Don’t Judge Someone Who SINS Differently Than You

It's always been bizarre to me how harsh people are to one another online. I understand some posts light a fire under some people, honestly, I get it! But frankly, the overall attitude in today's society (and especially on the internet) is... ...if you don't agree...

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My Birthday Message To You

It’s my BIRTHDAY! 🥳 And if it’s one message I could send out today it’s this… You know why so many people spin in circles and never achieve the goals they set? I do. And the answer is personal to me. One that took me 38 years to learn. I was full of shit....

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Conditions Will Never Be Perfect

Winning does not find you.Success does not find you.Wealth does not find you.Marital bliss does not find you.Physical endurance does not find you.Mental toughness does not find you.Peace does not find you. All of these things that you hope and wish for do not “find”...

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Here’s How Winners Act

Have you ever paid attention to those who HATE on other people’s success? Their lives are usually MEDIOCRE… at best. These are the same people who attach their own shortcomings to “circumstances” or “bad luck.” Because, when they see others chasing their most...

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Growth Happens When It’s Not Funny Anymore

Everyone starts somewhere. But very few will continue to pound the pavement day after day after day. Facts are facts… and fact number one is this: Life is gonna bust you in the mouth… Over and over and over again. Relentlessly. These punches to the mouth, whether it’s...

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Play The Hand You’re Dealt

We’re all dealt a different hand. I grew up as the freckle faced kid in a place that wasn’t even on the map. Some people grew up with everything they needed, wanted, and more. Others grew up in a really shitty environment and scarce resources. But guess what… AMERICA...

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