Conquer Your Life or Die Miserable

You know why you aren’t living the life you want right now? Because you don’t understand REAL COMMITMENT. I’m talking about the kind of commitment that removes all available paths back to your previous ineffective patterns. The kind of commitment that requires you to...

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Yesterday Is Gone, Get Over It

I hear so many people talk about that time when they… Got voted as homecoming queen… Landed the big client… Got into great shape… Published that article… …15 fucking years ago! And they still walk around with their chest puffed out. And talk about how great they were....

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Everything In Life Is Hard

No matter what you’re up against. We all have challenges. You think that just because you won some award 5 years ago or you landed some promotion, that you don’t have to keep putting in the work like everybody else? There are literally thousands of people who deal...

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Something You Don’t Know About Me

I am a two time college dropout.  I didn’t have a formal education that most professions require and lived hand to mouth for years. When I did go back to college it took me five and a half years to complete my undergrad. And, when I was accepted into graduated...

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Shake Hands With The Beast In Your Head

We all have a beast in our heads. It can look like anything... The bourbon bottle within arm’s reach. Junk food in the pantry. Narcotics to ease the emotional pain. Toxic relationships ruining your life. The convincing storyline that the world is screwing you over....

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Practice What You Post

As the years go by, it’s more and more obvious who is posting a fake life and who is the real deal. Fake people can’t keep the narrative going year after year. They go broke trying to look more successful than they are. They trade their time pretending to be...

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A Story Of Gratitude

Today, the idea of gratitude dominates.  So, I’d like to share a quick story with you. Just over five years ago an orthopedic surgeon sent me a DM… “Hey, Erin. I found you on LinkedIn. You’re an executive coach? I’d like to speak further...” I was ecstatic. ...

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You Deserve Exactly What You’re Getting

How much of the negativity in your life is self inflicted by grudges, resentment, anger, bitterness you’ve held for far too long?? Social media posts have become a competition about who has more bad shit happen to them… Everyone is banging their victim drum... And...

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Take Quitting Off The Table

"This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time.”Fight Club, 20th Century Fox Want to become more successful? Try doing the real work that makes you feel like an outsider. And give yourself no other option than to execute. Regardless of what mood you're...

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“I’m Busy” Is Mentally Weak

I roll my eyes when people brag about being “busy.” That statement literally means nothing to anyone but you. What you’re really telling the rest of us is you’re disorganized, ineffective, and mentally weak. If you were doing something more amazing in life, you’d brag...

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Make Your Life Purposefully Harder

We are all our own worst enemy. We tell ourselves we're not good enough. We talk ourselves out of our biggest dreams with "what if" scenarios. We tell ourselves success is meant for other people. And then we press pause on pursuing our most ambitious desires and...

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Your Lack of Willpower Is Yours And Yours Alone

Most people think their current situation is temporary… …so in the meantime, they relax. They become lazy. They take zero responsibility. They add little to no value in the world. 👉🏼 They remain miserable. The cycle repeats itself. And worst of all, they keep thinking...

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