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Conquer Your Life or Die Miserable

by | Dec 7, 2021

You know why you aren’t living the life you want right now?

Because you don’t understand REAL COMMITMENT.

I’m talking about the kind of commitment that removes all available paths back to your previous ineffective patterns.

The kind of commitment that requires you to make your life purposefully harder.

The kind of commitment that scares the shit out of you.

This is where your glory will be found.

In order to do this…

You need to burn the fucking ships.

In 1519, during the Spanish conquest of Mexico, the Spanish commander, Hernán Cortés, had the entire fleet of ships burned to ash so that his men would have to conquer or die.

Let that concept sink in for a moment.

Either conqueror the new territory…

Or die.

Fact is: most people take on a new journey.

Then they face their first obstacle.

And immediately quit on themselves.

Usually because things get too hard or it takes too long.

In reality, it’s the weak-minded bullshit narrative that gets the best of these snowflakes.

These same quitters show up on social media to explain their failure, celebrate a moral victory to protect their ego, and spend the next 25 years of their life convincing themselves “it wasn’t meant to be…”

When in reality, they screwed themselves over.

They didn’t burn the fucking ships!

Have you caught yourself saying things like:

“I hope my goals happen for me.”

“Maybe one day the universe will turn in my direction.”

“The life I wish for would be nice.”

Because if you do, you’re probably not even clear on the goals you want to chase. 

Which is why most people typically procrastinate.

Think of all the opportunities you’ve lost by being too causal with your life by not doing the real work that makes you feel like an outsider.

Because you like the safety net.

If you give yourself a safety net, quitting is just around the corner.

I guarantee it.

One of the biggest reasons for lack of success in life is thinking a bigger opportunity will come knocking on the door.

So we wait.

And we wait some more.

But, reality is… the door of opportunity is wide open.

Yet you sit there waiting for someone to drag your ass through it.

Stop waiting!

Take on your most ambitious desires that scare the hell out of you TODAY.

Do the real work that makes you feel like an outsider TODAY.

Get uncomfortable and wiggle like a worm on a hook while you move the needle in your life in small increments TODAY.

And don’t ever stop.

Remember this:

Life is short, and then you die.

Still want to take the easy path?


But don’t bitch and complain to the rest of us on social media from your couch about how the karma gods are holding your future hostage.

Quit lying to yourself.

Quit waiting.

And burn the fucking ships!


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