Who We Are

We’re AMBITIOUS AF’ers – a group of elite overachievers with unwavering convictions. We own our decisions and make no apologies for our success. At first light we’re making our lives purposefully harder; by sundown we’ve led, we’ve bled, we’ve blazed the fuxking trail… because driving the tip of the spear is our obligation.

We’re damn resilient, too. If we can’t withstand the pain, fatigue, or throat punches that come from the challenge at hand then nobody can. Couple that with our courage, tenacity, and ambition and you’ll realize why our inner circle is so small.

But we don’t journey alone. We build friendships wherever we go. We check on each other and work together to make things happen. That makes us an uncommon force for good in the world. And, it’s framed by our commitment to life, liberty, and pursuit of personal excellence and sovereignty over self.

Speaking of freedoms, we excerise ours. We stand up for what’s right even if that means standing alone… ESPECIALLY if that means standing alone.

We don’t quit.

We don’t retreat.

We fight like our world is ending.

And by the way, if it was just about the discipline we’d set an alarm.

That’s who we are, since you asked.

How It All Started

Hey there. I’m Erin Marie. You might hear people call me the AMBITIOUS AF girl. We’ll get to that in a minute, I want to bring you back to a few moments in time when the kids in school made fun of me… endlessly.


Yep, even got mocked by my own family, too.

It was hard for me to make new friends, connect with others, and feel a sense of belonging.

This left me with zero self confidence, feelings of depression, and suicidal fantasies that crept up at the age of fifteen.

And since I felt completely worthless all the time, I ran away from home at the age of sixteen and everything went to shxt from there.

I got trapped living with pimps, felons, addicts, and thieves by the time I was seventeen. How I avoided getting hooked on meth, neck tattoos, and doing any jail time still shocks me.

I became a two-time college dropout with no employable skills.

Drank myself into shame spirals.

Lived out of my car across from a trash dump.

Battled anorexia and didn’t eat for days at a time.

Had a baby way too young.

Barely had $12 to my name at any given time.

Developed a plan to die by suicide.

And the entire time all this shxt was happening I kept thinking society had plan for people like me…

1. Live hand to mouth forever.

2. Never be anything other than a loser.

3. Die hopeless.

But, there was an inferno that burned deep down inside me and I knew I wanted more from my future. MUCH more. I just had no clue on how to get there.

Until one day I decided to dust off my courage and find my fire.

I embraced everything that I hated about myself and leaned into my ‘weirdness.’

I harnessed my dark side and started doing the real work that made me feel like an outsider in my own skin; emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, spiritually.

I started owning my decisions and taking control over my life.

I got hyper focused on living with intention.

I cranked up my standards and actually kept the promises I made to myself.

I started learning how to exercise properly and consume food in a way that supported a healthy lifestyle.

I only accepted intrapersonal relationships that were functional and supportive.

I began to chase my most ambitious desires.

And I started to treat myself like a child of God.

That’s when I took a look around and noticed I was on a different path, a lonely path…

…because I realized I was no longer operating at the level of those around me.

My minimum personal standards seemed to dwarf everybody else.

And my inner drive, combined with ambition the size of Everest, was too much for my so-called ‘inner circle.’

So, I walked away from everyone and everything I knew and did a cannon ball off the high dive straight into a new way of life and never looked back.

That’s when I started scribbling my inner most thoughts about this new journey of mine and posted them openly on social media.

For the first time ever, I talked about my fear of embarrassment and battle with body dysmorphia.

I filmed videos, encouraged people to start living for today, and to chase their most ambitious desires. And I started calling out the victim mentality, people who cut corners, and the bluushxt ‘burnout’ narrative that begs people to give up on themselves.

And then I posted videos with a call to action at the end that said, ‘let this be the permission you need to go be AMBITIOUS AS FUXK!’

And holy hell…

You know what people started calling these posts and videos?

‘Inspirational.’ ‘Motivational.’ ‘Encouraging.’ ‘Exactly what I needed to hear today.’ ‘The female Joe Rogan!’


That was so crazy to me.

Truth be told I was just keeping tabs on my own journey… using those posts and videos as markers for my ascent. Kinda like an open diary.

That’s how AMBITIOUS AF was born.

In case you’re a little slow on the uptake, AF stands for AS FUXK.

Soon, I started teaching people what I know about going from being a dirt-poor runaway and two-time college dropout to birthing a six-figure business model from scratch with nothing but relentless ambition.

I mixed in some resilience, grit, and self-worth – all rooted in stone-cold reality, not some bullshxt coaching frameworks that don’t do shit in real life.


Because I’ve dug this life out of the mud with my bare hands inside pure hell… that’s how I can shine a light for others.

And now…

If I could narrow down all the goals of my life into one it would be this…

Dedicating myself to helping others realize the importance of NOT BRING AFRIAD TO LIVE.

It’s actually an obligation for me.

That’s why I’m so passionate about my mission: to help people feel valued in a world that places everyone and everything else first.

And what people takeaway most is, ‘that girl swears like a sailor.’ Ha!

Maybe I get it from my father who served two tours in Vietnam for the United States Navy?

But seriously, I’m here to shove the reality of what it takes to win down your throat because sometimes you need someone to grab you by the shoulders and shake you awake. Someone who actually wants you to win.

That’s the heart and soul of AMBITIOUS AF – unwavering resolve, unyielding spirit.

That’s the kind of person the AMBITIOUS AF community attracts.

We’re never after one thing we’re after ALL OF IT: success, adventure, memories, experiences.

So yeah, I guess you could say we’re people who are highly driven and want more.

And that includes life, liberty, and the pursuit of sovereignty over self.

Speaking of freedoms, I exercise mine. I stand up for what’s right even if that means standing alone.

ESPECIALLY if that means standing alone.

Which means I’ve been censored, bitxh slapped with labels of political incorrectness, and shadow banned all in the name of ‘tolerance.’

But what’s more important than protecting the unborn, defending the second amendment, and chasing happiness with a claw end of a hammer?

At the end of the day here’s what you should know about me…

I want you join the ranks of the mentally untouchable so you can become an uncommon force for good in the world.

I’m here to help you make that happen.

So, let’s dust off your courage and find your fire together.

You in?

With fire and love,

-Erin Marie




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