Disrupting Your Organization With Neuroscience.

Taking your team from baseline to beyond.

Underperforming human capital is limiting your organization’s success.

The best organizations provide high impact executive coaching to help doctors with their most challenging blind spots, cultivate their efficacy as a leader, and accelerate their development so they can increase the impact of their training dollars.

This results in reduction in turnover, productive work performance, and a shift from command and control leadership to accountability. In so doing, knowledge transfers within the organization, and a coaching culture emerges.

Organizations transform when coaching comes from within.

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Organizational Services Offered…

Group Coaching

Providing a virtual solution for doctors, management teams, board of directors, or C-suite Executives seeking development in similar capabilities.

Team Coaching

Providing teams with the tools and communication mechanisms to reach success. Extremely useful for teams that are newly forming, re-forming after adjustment, or team acceleration; holding everyone accountable for their actions, ensuring all members are participating.


Doctors striving to achieve ambitious goals and organizations seeking to unlock the performance of a team. Learn how to integrate high impact leadership behaviors and emotional intelligence to real world leadership scenarios, backed by neuroscience.

Individual Executive Coaching

Doctors and organizations seeking the ultimate privacy… abrasive or dismissive behaviors, physician burnout, or doctors transitioning to a leadership role are examples.


I have had the opportunity to work with Erin and observe her coach a number of individuals. She is a thoughtful and action-oriented coach. She has the experience and knowledge needed to help successful individuals become fantastic leaders. Her style makes it easy to work with her and her coaching, direction, and advice makes it a joy to partner with her.

Lindsay Jarrell, FACHE

You will love working with Erin. She is an expert at coaching and advising surgeons, physician leaders, and healthcare executives on a range of issues related to strategy, mindfulness, and leadership success. What sets her apart, aside from her in-depth methodologies and experience, is her style. She is a great listener, incredibly positive and enthusiastic, sees possibility that others don’t — and still holds her clients accountable to improve their performance and get lasting results. With Erin on your side, you will have the dedicated executive coach that any smart healthcare leader wants on his or her team. I highly recommend her work.

Andrew Neitlich, MBA

Erin is one of the most positive, optimistic, and caring people I’ve ever worked with. She’s been able to uncover limitations I didn’t realize were holding me back. Ever since working with her I’ve taken both of my companies above and beyond my own expectations and tripled my income in less than six months. She genuinely cares about her clients and I highly recommend hiring her as an executive coach.

Brandon James Thompson

I hired Erin Whitehead with the intent of uncovering the roadblocks I was running into inside my business. I can confidently say that all of my expectations have far been exceeded. Ever since working with Erin I’ve been able to learn more about the growth mindset I needed to lean into, which has positioned my business to acquire more clients and double revenue in less than 12 weeks. She was able to equally address mindfulness practices and sound business training.  I would highly recommend Erin Whitehead to anyone who is serious about strategically achieving their goals.

Nicole Frazier

I would like to recommend Erin Whitehead for motivational and keynote speaking. I met Erin fairly recently, and my life hasn’t been the same since! She is a dynamic encourager who has an endless stream of positive energy. She is so inspirational; and many are relying on her for hope and conviction during this pandemic. She’s an early riser, so if the first thing I look for in the morning is one of her perfectly presented videos to brighten and energize my day. Please be advised, Erin is not for the faint of heart. She is a gun ho gal with spunk and vitality and a glow that radiates her passion for people. She’s simply the best, and you won’t be sorry when you connect. Trust me!

Calvin Lawrence, Ed.D.

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