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Fear Of Failure Is Not What You Think

by | Dec 13, 2021

The problem is not fear of failure.

Rather, the potential of being SEEN to fail is where people really struggle.

You tell yourself that if no one was allowed to witness you plunge head first from grace…

…you would march forward like a bitch in heat.

Yet you wait.

And you roll out those ready made excuses that are seemingly blocking your pathway to greatness.


Because, in your perfect world where no one could witness you fail, “you” would still know that you failed.

At some level most people, you included, have built a life around your fears rather than your potential.

You don’t ask that person out, for fear of being rejected.

You don’t ask for a promotion because you’re afraid the boss will say no.

You don’t go to the gym because someone might point and laugh.

What’s the damn point, right?

I mean, failure is always around the corner.

And when you do fail, what will people think?


Ever witness a 3-year old dress herself in every odd pairing from the closet and walk out of the house with her blatant don’t-give-a-fuckness?

What do you think of her?

What does anyone think of her?

Who the hell cares!


So listen to me…

If you don’t like how your life is right now…

You have the power to make a plan, take action, and get out of your own way.

You can act on the promises you make to yourself.

You can destroy any and all roadblocks.

You can get back up after you get punched in the mouth.

Regardless of what mood you’re in.

Regardless of whether there’s a hurricane headed in your direction.

Regardless of what chaos is happening around you.

And make shit happen.

You willingness to try is yours and yours alone.

With fire,



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