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Go Be About It

by | May 2, 2023

If you’re waiting around for someone to give you permission to chase your most ambitious desires…

You’ll be waiting your entire life.

The truth is…

Your life is ending one minute at a time…

And then we die.

So if you aren’t currently working to build the skills that build the life…

What the fuck are you waiting for?

There’s only ONE person you need permission from…

And it’s the badass motherfucker who stares back at you in the mirror.

Nobody else.

Not your teachers.

Not your priest.

Not your parents.

Not your colleagues.

Not your significant other.

So now what?

You cry about how the world fucks you over.

You cry about how your race fucks you over.

You cry about how the government fucks you over.

You cry about how “unlucky” you are.

You cry about how things “didn’t work out” for you.

So here’s a question for you…

What are you doing to fix the problem?

What kind of change are you bringing to the world?

What kind of example are you setting for your neighbors?

What kind of standards are you holding yourself to every single day?

Because it’s NOT ABOUT YOU!

It’s about the people who look up to you and won’t believe in themselves because they never saw you press harder.

Stop talking about it…

And go be about it.

With fire and love,



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