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Incepto Ne Desistam

by | Sep 11, 2022

Today we remember the day we got knocked down, even for a moment, and even more profound was the will of the American people to get back up and fight back!

We showed the world that when the time arises we will not hesitate to stand up, push back, and defend our freedoms from enemies foreign and domestic.

I’ve never believed now more than ever in our opportunity as Americans to dust off our courage, find our fire, and become an uncommon force for good in the world.

True change can only happen when each of us act in a manner contrary to oppressive public expectation in order to help American freedoms maintain its footing.

On this day, I can feel your frustration and grief.

Here is my message to you…

When shit hits the fan around you and everybody starts to freak the fuck out…

An incredible opportunity to create new solutions presents itself.

Now more than ever, we have more division and hate among each other.

And in these times of chaos…

In times of unrest…

In times of uncertainty…

You need to start looking for answers.

History will be written by the motherfuckers who decline to be part of the silent majority, fly their flags proudly, step up, and lead our society during difficult times.

Stop waiting for someone else to do this.

That person can be you.

But only if you have the ability to recognize these opportunities and then execute upon them.


Today, and every day…

We pause to honor the 2,977 American lives lost in the Sept 11th attacks.

We honor the nearly 7,000 American soldiers and Marines killed serving the War on Terror.

We honor the 13 service members killed in the attack at the Kabul airport.

We remember the first responders who jumped to action and the Heroes aboard Flight 93 who fought off the terrorists to save the lives of many more on the ground. 

Our hearts are with the families and friends who continue to deal with the grief of that day.

We give thanks to the millions of military service members who answer the call to serve and keep America safe by fighting overseas.

And to the millions of American Patriots, especially those of us who understand the price paid for the freedoms we enjoy…

…we pause to honor those who stand ready and secure it for us every day.

It is with equal gratitude that we honor the spouses and families of military personnel who also sacrifice greatly.

And, to my father, who served two tours in Vietnam for the United States Navy in support of our great nation… I honor you.

Incepto Ne Desistam.

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