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Make The Choices Others Won’t

by | Oct 15, 2022

Your OBLIGATION to the next generation is to set the highest possible standards for yourself.

And then hold yourself accountable to those standards.

Every single day.

For life.

If you execute this concept consistently, you’ll start to see changes happen in your life.

And you’ll find yourself setting higher standards for those you surround yourself with.

And when this happens, you’ll feel pressure to compromise your standards.

People will remind you of your hardships and circumstances.

They’ll point out all of your flaws and mistakes.

They’ll beg you to give up on yourself.

Because you remind them of the positive choices they are unwilling to make in their own life.

The longer you can resist compromising your standards, regardless of the intense pressure to do so…

The more potential you will realize within…

And the higher you will climb in this life.

Be aggressively unwavering in your standards for yourself and those you surround yourself with.


Do more.

Care more.

Love more.

Aim higher.

Quit cutting corners.

Work while they play.

Bleed when nobody is watching.

Make the choices others aren’t willing to make.

And be an example of what’s possible.

Your willingness to do this is yours and yours alone.


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