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My Birthday Message To You

by | Oct 13, 2022

It’s my BIRTHDAY! 🥳

And if it’s one message I could send out today it’s this…

You know why so many people spin in circles and never achieve the goals they set?

I do.

And the answer is personal to me.

One that took me 38 years to learn.

I was full of shit.


I remember waking up every single day, creating social media posts that showed my perfect little family, in my perfect little house, and my perfect little life… and I thought I had everyone fooled, because no one knew the truth…

I didn’t have my shit together.

And on those days I would wake up fooling the world, I would make promises to myself…

Good promises…

Promises to work harder…

Promises to not quit…

Promises to do better and be better.

And I had the best of intentions to keep those promises, truly…

Yet my life was spinning out of control.

I was frustrated.

I was lonely.

I was lost spiritually.

I would bang my head against a fucking wall trying to figure out why everybody else had it so much easier in life.

The truth is…

I didn’t have it that hard at all.

I just wasn’t taking action.

And the little action I was taking, wasn’t enough to make me feel like an outsider in my own skin and move the needle in my life.

But, that’s not what I told myself.

I told myself lies about the effort I was taking.

And the worst part of it all…

I believed my own lies!

When my life finally came to a screeching halt I had no other choice than to look at myself in the mirror, eyeball to eyeball, and face the truth.

I remember feeling sick because it was the biggest pill to swallow.

And that pill was the truth.

I was failing myself.

And when I accepted this truth…. that’s when everything changed.

And when I say “everything changed” I don’t mean my life changed a little bit…

I mean, my life changed A LOT!

I started to welcome the suffering that comes with freedom.

I welcomed the pain that comes from happiness.

I welcomed the power that comes from surrender.

And then…

I trusted every instinct I had inside of me and acted, despite everything telling me to quit.

And this became my calling in life…

To act without hope.

To not hope for better.

To BE better… in this moment, and the next, and the next, and so on.

And here’s why I’m telling you all of this:

You know exactly why you aren’t where you want to be in life.

You feel it deep within your soul.

And if you come eyeball to eyeball with the same realization I did, you’d be accurate…

You aren’t acting.

And if you are, you’re not acting at the level you need to be.

Because if you were, it would liberate you into responsibility.

Guys, this is something you already know.

Yet you spend all your waking moments desperately trying to Google the answer to life’s challenges and THIS is what keeps you spinning in circles.

So, for today, and perhaps all the days thereafter…

Consider making the decision…

Don’t be full of shit.


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