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Protect Your Energy

by | Sep 27, 2022

When you’re working hard to build the life you want, you’re going to have relationships that impede your progress.

I’m talking about the people who remind you of your every flaw.

They take jabs at your dreams.

They point and laugh at your ambitions.

These are often our closest relationships.

Because these are the people who believe they understand our limitations.

But… they don’t.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend…

Your second cousin…

Or your partner in life…

If you are dead serious about doubling down on your goals…

You must eliminate the toxicity from your life.

Cutting these people out of your inner circle doesn’t make you despicable.

It protects your energy.

It protects your sanity.

And when you fully understand and accept that you are built differently…

You’ll begin to understand exactly why most don’t get you.

They aren’t supposed to get you.

They will never get you.

These people are too far gone.

Because they gave up on themselves years ago.

So the next time someone talks shit about your dreams and ambitions…

And you eliminate them from your life…

You’re not sacrificing shit.

You’re protecting your future.

Remember that.

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