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You Don’t Need To Hire A Coach

by | Sep 17, 2023

Most people hire a coach to “find themselves” because a sponsored ad popped into their feed.

And there’s plenty of “money grab coaches” out there willing to take your hard earned dollar and push you through an internet framework to tap into your “inner self.”

It’s bullshxt.

“Finding yourself” isn’t going to suddenly happen one day when some framework downloaded off the internet got regurgitated to you.

When you allow someone else to impose a path on you so you can figure out who you should be, could be, would be…

What you’re actually doing is allowing the “money grab coach” to make that decision for you.

Here’s the truth…

You need to make decisions about WHO YOU ARE and then take action that reflects those decisions based on how you want to live your life.

That’s it.

That’s actually what true coaching sessions with professional coaches who know what the hell they’re doing are designed to do.

Coach you toward making DECISIONS.

Coach you toward TAKING MASSIVE ACTION in line with those decisions.

Coach you toward ITERATING quickly and getting back to baseline, faster.

Coach you on SHARPENING your toolkit with the right skills that help you maneuver through critical moments in between sessions and throughout life.

Coaching sessions are all about actions and outcomes.

Not filling out downloadable worksheets galore that end up getting filed away and never looked at again.

You can take your life to the next level without a coach.

You can make decisions in your life to live differently, more authentically.

You can become the person you always wanted to become…

And build a journey of overcoming so you can teach the next generation what’s possible.

And yes, you’ll likely feel weird at first.

You may even feel like you’re putting on a show because you’ve been living out loud differently until now.

It’s like this for everybody in the beginning.

But don’t think that you need to hire a “money grab coach” to validate who the fuck it is you want to become.

Only losers do this.

Think about who it is you want to become then take action accordingly.

Anything else will lead you down a road of frustration, anger, sadness, and money wasted on crap.

Remember that.

With fire and love,


P.S. If you’re going to hire a coach for any spectrum of your life, perform your due diligence. Your future self depends on it.


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