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Your Lack of Willpower Is Yours And Yours Alone

by | Nov 12, 2021

Most people think their current situation is temporary…

…so in the meantime, they relax.

They become lazy.

They take zero responsibility.

They add little to no value in the world.

👉🏼 They remain miserable.

The cycle repeats itself.

And worst of all, they keep thinking that when opportunity comes knocking, they’re just gonna flip the switch and do the work.

It doesn’t happen that way.

You don’t go from being a lazy piece of sh*t, to a high performing ass kicker.

These people are never truly aware of why they keep spinning on the hamster wheel.

And then one day, they die.

Don’t let this be you!

Do you understand why I continue to drill the point of doing the real, hard work that makes you feel like an outsider?

It’s because 99% of you won’t take the first step…

…because it’s not sexy enough…

…or you think your most ambitious desires are too impossible.

If you are operating under the “It’ll all work out” mentality, understand this is why your life sucks.

“It’ll all work out” isn’t some sort of inner peace proclamation.

It’s the battle cry of the mentally weak.

Raise your standards and tolerate nothing less.

Your lack of willpower is yours and yours alone.

With fire,


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