Human Performance Coaching

I coach surgeons who are obsessed with success… become the most elite version of themselves and defend the impact they have in the world, better; through the power of neuroscience.

If you’re ready to upgrade your mental toughness to become a higher performing human with better life structure and personal discipline… join AMBITIOUS AF today!


1:1 Performance Coaching

For doctors who prefer the ultimate exclusivity and privacy. These sessions are designed for already successful surgeons who want to make a bigger impact, need specialized advice, and want a concierege approach.

Organization Solutions

This is about your organization creating significant and sustainbale change and it all starts here. This requires customized, creative solutions for each department or doctor that fosters positive change to become more effective to the team and improve the output of the organization.

Leveraging the Science of Human Performance Coaching to Uncover Intrinsic Motivation and Clarity so you Can Take Your Ambition to a Whole New Level.

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Coruzant technologies
Institute of Coaching
Genos North America
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“Know Your Worth” Is Mentally Weak

So I land on a social media post this morning and see a woman making a kissy face in her selfie with the headline "LADIES, KNOW YOUR WORTH!" And she continues to rant about how hard women have it and how women need to "band together..." (for the sake of feminism i...

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Friendship Breakups, It’s A Thing

Friendship breakups. It’s a thing. A good thing. If you’re not currently doing an inner circle cleanse and getting rid of the dead weight… …or people who bring you the gossip and drama that other people say about you under the guise of “being a good friend…” …you will...

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The Secret To Your Success Is You

Millions of people press pause on their goals when the weekend arrives… ...that’s your competitive advantage. Keep moving forward toward your goals. Stay focused on the daily actions you need to take in order to achieve your outcomes. Don’t let others pressure you...

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