No More Blindspots, Blocks, Or Excuses.

To All The AMBITIOUS Doctors...

To All The AMBITIOUS Doctors…



Are you ready to go BIG and realize your greatest potential?

The best doctors know they need a coach for accountability, a fresh perspective, and greater self-awareness.

You have AMBITIOUS plans for your future and your practice, but your AMBITION is bigger than you. Maybe you have great ideas but not sure how to bridge the gap to get there. Or maybe you have a thriving practice but you’re having difficulties getting to the next level you dream about.

It’s time to get the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for! And, this doesn’t happen by accident. You have to make the choice that your work in medicine matters and you’re meant for more.

The Ambitious Surgeon Masterclass teaches doctors like you to think bigger than you ever have before.

Commit to yourself, your desires, your future.

That’s the power of the AMBITIOUS SURGEON.

The best doctors know they need a coach for accountability.

Your results are just steps away. I’ve helped doctors just like you make radical shifts in their life.

You haven’t been coached until you’ve been coached by me. In fact, you won’t be the same person you were when you finish this masterclass. The old way of practicing medicine is dead and the tactics that got you here won’t get you past your next highest level. Here’s what you can expect when you enroll in The Ambitious Surgeon Masterclass…

Structure and Evidenced Based Content

Each session is structured with a theme that builds upon the next. There are four modules altogether. All content has been vetted by distinguished sources and BACKED BY SCIENCE.

Techniques You Can Actually Use

During each session you get instant access to the tools you need to start making changes immediately.


No Coloring, Yoga, Meditation, or Written Homework

You won’t be expected to spontaneously flip into a downward dog, color a life wheel, or spend our time together meditating. There is also NO written homework that would cause you to carve more time in your schedule that you don’t have. There is, however, accountability work you will do in between sessions. And, don’t forget about all the motivation you’ll be getting to move forward and cut the bull.

Real Next Steps Forward

Results in 6 weeks are great. But, what about results for life? This Masterclass is designed to keep you putting one foot in front of the other so you can move through life with sustainable purpose. Because that’s what you deserve.

Highly Driven Peers In Your Cohort

Only highly driven doctors who are currently practicing medicine, excited about trailblazing a new approach to success, and understand the overwhelming value of the outcome are encouraged to participate.

Community. Engagement. Support.

You, me, and a couple of other doctors will hit the ground running. You’ll get to interact with your peers, learn something new, and get answers to all your burning questions. This is not a platform where you’re expected to “perform” and show your knowledge. Rather, you get to learn and be supported from the comfort of your office chair (or home).

Discover the most common challenges in cultivating a growth mindset and develop a strategic roadmap that builds trust in the techniques you’ve learned so you can react quickly when challenges arise.


This is Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Expectations of  YOU

As a member of this Masterclass you are committing to…

  • Bringing your full self to the conversation. The good, bad, ugly, and everything in between.
  • Implementing the techniques in between sessions to the best of your ability.
  • Keeping an open mind to learning something new.
  • Willing to be coached.

Expectations of ME

As your coach in this Masterclass I am committing to…

  • Bringing you every bit of energy I have and leaving nothing on the table.
  • Being transparent if you ask a question outside my wheelhouse.
  • Offering you praise when you deserve it, holding you accountable when you need to be pushed harder.
  • Giving you the space to say what’s on your mind

Ready to Take Your Ambition to the Next Level?

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**The Masterclass is also available enterprise wide.

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You are a doctor currently practicing medicine full time.

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Finally, you are excited about trailblazing a new approach to success. You get excited about the idea of leveling up. You look for excellence because you realize what's at stake for you and you understand the overwhelming value of the outcome.

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