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Obsession Is Good

by | Feb 16, 2023

When you start working toward something out of the ordinary.

When you tell people how big your dreams are.

People are going to point and laugh.

People are going to talk shit behind your back.

People are going to tell you to “be more realistic.”

People are going to tell you “it’s impossible.”

People who are mediocre in life get real uncomfortable and nervous when they see someone with a similar background breaking free from the mold.

These are people who start bathing your mindset with their insecurities and self imposed limitations.

Success makes other people squirm because it reminds them of all the coulda shoulda woulda moments in their own life they didn’t chase.

The more ambitious and obsessed you are…

The more boundaries you push…

The more your life changes for the better…

The more they’ll curse you and criticize you.

You can either use all their shit-talk as fuel to double down even harder on your ambition.

Or you can be the carebear motherfucker who cries about how “unfair” life is for the next two decades.

Your choice.

With fire and love,



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