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A Letter To The Victim Clowns

by | Jun 1, 2023

To all of the professional victim clowns of the world consider this your heads up…

If you bring negativity into my direction in any way, large or small, you will be blocked from my entire life.

I want to be crystal clear about this so you think before you hit “send.”

If it’s negative in ANY way I don’t want it or need it in my life.

I battle enough demons in my own life behind the scenes just being me on the daily… I don’t need you vomiting your pile of horse shit in my lap as well.

So, if you DM me, TEXT me, EMAIL me, CALL me… with ANYTHING negative, literally anything… it will be the last time you ever communicate with me.


And whatever leads you to believe that I give a damn about you complaining incessantly about how “bad you have it” I’ll never know.

It’s irrelevant.

Crying and whining like a little bitch will land you on the blocked list as well.

I don’t want to hear your “poor-little-pity-me” story and neither does anybody else, unless you’re also taking effective action and telling us about your journey to overcome…

But you’re not.

You’re out of shape physically.

You’re out of shape mentally. 

You’re financially bankrupt in every possible way.

You’re an energy vampire.

You have no ambition.

And, you think the problem is everyone else?

It’s YOU!

This world doesn’t need more victim clowns.

We need less.

I strongly suggest you go find an online community that compromises their standards on the daily and completely denies the existence of professional victimhood…

You’ll fit in nicely.

In fact, you can start with typing the words “pity party” into your search bar and you’ll find your people waiting with open arms to sell you a ticket to their retreat where you can bang your victim drum for first place.

If you don’t have anything productive or effective to say or do…

Don’t bring it to me.

This begins now.

Until the end of time.



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