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Do The Hard Shit In Life

by | Jun 3, 2023

What most of you may not know is that I was a teenage runaway.

And after I made that decision, the next decade of my life would prove to be pure purgatory.

Honestly, some of those demons I continue to battle to this day.

And here’s what I want you to realize…

Many of you know that serious problems exist and you continue to say, “but I’m only one person how can I possibly make an impact?” 

…and then you continue to do nothing…

…because you believe that your impact would be too small or you don’t know where to begin.

I’m here to remind you it’s your OBLIGATION to do all the hard shit in life and create a journey of overcoming.

Even if you wake up and “don’t feel like it…”

You still have an OBLIGATION to set the example of what it means to be a person of true character and excellence.

You owe it to your family.

You owe it to your community…

You owe it to the future generation…

And it starts with the decision to either be a piece of shit and do nothing with your life…

Or go make a positive impact in the world which requires you to be the absolute best possible version of yourself.

If you truly love your friends, family, and everybody else in your life…

Go show up everyday, embrace the struggle, and pursue personal excellence.

And, if you haven’t put the energy into becoming someone who can provide an immense amount of value…

Your impact will be null and void in comparison to the people who do.

Commit yourself to becoming great.

Anything less than that and you’re doing a disservice to anyone who matters to you.


With fire and love,


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