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Be An Example Of Personal Excellence

by | Oct 7, 2022

If you honestly think that successful people do the hard things in life because they “like” doing it…

You’re dead wrong.

But they understand that even though they hate dong the hard shit in life…

They have an OBLIGATION to do it anyway.

You do, too.

You owe it to your family…

You owe it to your community…

You owe it to your congregation…

You owe it to the next generation…

And, you owe it to this COUNTRY to set an example of what it means to be a person of true character.

It all starts with the daily decision to either be a care bear mother fucker and do nothing…

Or, strive for personal excellence and make a positive difference in this world.

If you truly care about the people in your life…

You’ll embrace the uphill climb.

You’ll embrace the struggles.

You’ll show up for yourself every single day.

You’ll chase your most ambitious desires.

And, you’ll reach out to teach others how to win in life by being a living, breathing example of personal excellence.

Anything less than that… and you’re letting down anyone who matters most to you.

Remember that.


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