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Nobody Cares Work Harder

by | Oct 5, 2022

If you insist on sharing your “sad story” and all your problems with the rest of the world…

MAKE SURE you’re also taking the necessary action to overcome these challenges.

Nobody fucking respects people who bang their victim drum and complain constantly.


We don’t need any more victims in society.

We need less.

If you want to earn the respect and support of the people around you…

Quit making your “sad story” your identity.

There is peace in that.

And, another thing…

…you’re missing out on all the badass shit you don’t understand about yourself by hanging onto past shit and playing your victim card.


Commit to executing your daily tasks in a non-emotional and disciplined way.

See the challenging days as a test… because that’s what they are.

Pass those tests and you’ll begin believing in your own ability to execute and overcome.

This reduces anxiety and unnecessary sleepless nights… making you much happier.

Most people never come to realize this for themselves.

That’s why most people are most people.

Let it go.

You are not a victim.


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