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Build Your Ultimate Life

by | Jul 18, 2023

Too many of you are afraid to chase your ambitions for fear of what “they” might say if you fall on your face.

Guess what…

“They” only exist in your mind.

And the others you’re afraid will talk shit behind your back are the same people you look at and think to yourself…

…”what the fuck?!”

They are real life losers who provide no real value to anyone…

Including you.

So of course they hate you.

They hate anyone who can think outside the confines of mediocrity.

So stop playing small and self censoring yourself for these care bear motherfuckers.

The miserable life they wake up to is their punishment.

Here’s what you need to do instead:

Figure out why you exist…

Figure out how you can put that into action to help other people…

Chase that shit down relentlessly until you build your ultimate life…

And stomp on any motherfucker who gets in your way.

You won’t even have time for “them” when you’re out being everything you were born to become.

Ask me how I know.

With fire and love,



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