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Stop Overthinking

by | Feb 9, 2023

Too many of you make ZERO progress in your personal and professional life, because you think too much.

You over analyze.

You consider every single thing that could go wrong.

You worry about what people will think, say, or do…

And you spend so much time operating this way…

That you never take any significant action in your life.

Then what happens?

You end up a few years down the road where you’re stewing in regret.

And it looks like this…

You wish you would’ve tried something new.

You wonder what could’ve been.

You know you should’ve done more with your life.

All because you talked yourself out of chasing your most ambitious desires.

You are constantly looking for the easy path…

You’re searching for ways to cut corners…

All because you aren’t willing to do the grunt work that will teach you the skills you need to sustain the results you get in the long term.

STOP paralyzing yourself out of fear of doing the work.

If you’re too scared to chase your most ambitious desires because of what Billy said at the water cooler at work…

You are not cut out for success.


The longer you wait…

The harder it’s gonna be to reach your goals.

So drop all your impeding thoughts and start taking action.

Quit waiting…

Quit worrying…

Quit over analyzing…

Don’t just “give it the ole college try…”


This is the best service you can do for yourself.

With fire and love,


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