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Quit Celebrating Mediocrity

by | Feb 7, 2023

Most of you are trying so hard to build others up…

That you instill a false sense of confidence in them…

Which actually ruins their trajectory.

Your job is to coach them…

Teach them what you know…

Hold them accountable…

Let them fail…

And shed light on where they screwed up.

Your job is NOT to award below average results because they “tried really hard…”

Or tell them “it’s okay” for their half ass efforts.

Make them EARN their self worth.

Make them EARN their bank account.

Make them EARN their physique.

Tell them the hard truth…

Even when it hurts.

That’s what a great leader does.

“Accepting” and “celebrating” mediocrity only lowers the standards of your entire team…

And the person you’re coaching.

This will ultimately prevent you both from growing.

Give them the tools to do great things…

And watch them fulfill their greatest potential.

With fire and love,



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