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Execute Through The Chaos

by | Nov 9, 2022

I’m at FORT BRAGG military base this week hanging out with Special Operations Forces and here’s my message to you…

How many people do you know who whine and bitch when they have a “bad day” or claim their “luck ran out?”

If you watch these people closer…

They allow the slightest inconvenience to manifest and ruin their entire day…

Then their whole week…

And, of course, the week after that, too.

This is exactly why most people continue to spin in circles and never win in life.

When shit gets hard and conditions aren’t ideal…

Most people duck and run for cover; waiting for things to smooth out.

But if you’re driven and want more out of life…

You need to know how to execute through the shit days.

Because while you decide to double down on your discipline and learn how to operate through chaos…

Your adversary hides…

Only to get their asses beat in the long run.

Embrace the suck and use it as an opportunity to widen the gap between you and everybody else.

Success in life is worth the daily punches to the mouth.

If you ask Special Operations Forces they’ll tell you…

It’s the prerequisite!

With fire and love,



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