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Stop Quitting On Yourself

by | Nov 10, 2022

I’m living it up at Ft BRAGG this week with the Special Operations Forces teams and here’s another takeaway from talking to United States Special Operations Forces Snipers all day long…

It’s one thing to talk about pursuing your goals. It’s another to actually see them through to the end.

Most people have no problem getting the process started.

And that’s great. You came out of your comfort zone and did something new. That’s actually an awesome character trait to embrace.

But for every person who starts something new…

There are very few who actually finish.

How many people do you know who have huge goals, huge ambitions, huge aspirations that they never take action on?

A shit ton of people I’m sure.

These are people who allow their fears, their circumstances, and their pity party stand in the way of their success…

Which ultimately keeps them from ever trying.

If you really want to win in life you need to develop the mindset that most “self starters” don’t embrace which is…

…perseverance, grit, determination, endurance…


…you need to stop quitting when you feel like quitting…

…and most of all…

…identify threats and eliminate them asap so you can actually reach your target.

Nobody is coming to knock on your door with a participation trophy for “starting” your goals.

Make sure you execute at the highest level possible and FINISH.

And remember…

This mindset isn’t for everyone.

Then again, neither is greatness.

With fire and love,



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