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Get Back Up

by | Jul 29, 2023

Expecting life to be easy is what keeps you angry, bitter, and disappointed.

It’s not going to get any easier.

So stop thinking it will be.

That’s why building the skill sets of perseverance, grit, determination, discipline, and vigilance are so important…

So you can take the hits from life and GET BACK UP…

Regardless of what’s swirling around you.

This is how you become unfuckwithable.

This is how you can prove to yourself that you’re actually committed to what you say you are.

Is it going to be hard? 


Is it going to be unfair?

Most of the time.

Will you struggle more often than not.


But the whole point of your struggle is to get back up.

If you can rise to the challenge when the chaos swirls in the world…

When the rest of the population regresses…

Things will get better for you.


Nothing less should be tolerated.

With fire and love,

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