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Growth Happens When It’s Not Funny Anymore

by | Oct 9, 2022

Everyone starts somewhere.

But very few will continue to pound the pavement day after day after day.

Facts are facts… and fact number one is this:

Life is gonna bust you in the mouth…

Over and over and over again.


These punches to the mouth, whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, mental…

Will leave marks…

Growth marks…

And that’s ok.

These are the growth marks that harden us, teach us, guide us, and lead us away from the safe and familiar; to a place we can explore our true selves.

Growth is not a selfie.

It’s not an Instagram Story.

It’s not the idealist bullshit narrative fed to you by the mainstream media who clearly hates you.

Growth happens when it’s not funny anymore.

Growth happens when the sacrifice becomes bigger than your purpose and you keep going because you’re in too deep to quit.

Growth happens when no one follows you into the darkness to witness your struggle.

Growth doesn’t just come from discomfort, it’s the outcome of every single day you wanted to quit but didn’t.

So if you really want the things you say you want…

Embrace the pain and grow from the strength you develop…

And achieve whatever the fuck it is you desire in your life.

No one is stopping you.

No outside force is holding you back.

No special circumstance has you in shackles.

You’re just deciding not to go.

So… GO!


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