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Here’s How Winners Act

by | Oct 10, 2022

Have you ever paid attention to those who HATE on other people’s success?

Their lives are usually MEDIOCRE… at best.

These are the same people who attach their own shortcomings to “circumstances” or “bad luck.”

Because, when they see others chasing their most ambitious desires and reaping success…

They get bitter, angry, and frustrated because it’s the only way they can protect their precious ego.

The reality is…

These people don’t have the courage to pursue an amazing life…

Or help those around them do the same.


People who win in life NEVER hate on other people’s success.


They are readily available to help total strangers.

They offer solutions to those who are stuck.

They celebrate other people’s wins.

They encourage people to keep going and never quit.

If you want to be a true winner in life…

…you have to address your jealousy and hatred.

When you hate on other people…

…whether it’s in public or silently in your own head…

…you’re telling the Universe you don’t want to win.

And the Universe will respond accordingly.

Remember that.


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