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Happiness Is Earned

by | Jun 29, 2023

One of the most destructive narratives shoved down everyone’s throat is that you’re entitled to be happy.

It’s pure bullshit.

Happiness isn’t something you’re born with or that other people have access to and you don’t.

You won’t find it in a new book, a coaching program, at the bottom of a bottle, on an exotic trip, in a new relationship, or smoking another joint…

Regardless of what the “gurus” tell you.

And, if you are actively making toxic choices for yourself to be less than what you are fully capable of…

What makes you think you’ll be happy?

The entire reason you feel like shit all the time is because you haven’t learned the concept of having to EARN everything.

It’s why you’re mentally, financially, spiritually, and physically bankrupt.

Here’s what you don’t realize…

The secret to happiness already lives within you.

It always has.


A decision to stop being the problem in your own life.

A decision to stop being a professional victim.

A decision to stop barricading your own potential.

Give yourself permission to chase your most ambitious desires with obsession…

And become that badass motherfucker you know lives within…

The real you.

That’s who you’re meant to become.

You’re just deciding not to go…

So go.

Nothing less should be tolerated.

With fire and love,



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