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Happy Independence Day America!

by | Jul 4, 2023

Be P R O U D of our American flag.

She stands for FREEDOM and bows to no one.

Our flag has been burned, trampled on, and soiled upon in the streets of our own country by those who she has helped set free. 

But she does not cower… for she is INVINCIBLE.

Our flag stands watch from a vantage point on the moon and bears silent witness to all of America’s finest hours. 

When she is flown at half mast to honor our fallen or placed into the trembling hands of a widow or parent…

…be proud that such men and women lived. 

May our flag forever be saluted, loved, respected, FEARED. 

Her name is OLD GLORY.

Long may she wave.


Happy birthday, America!

With fire and love,


“The name of American, which belongs to you in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation derived from local discriminations.”
George Washington, Farewell Address

In other words… we are Americans first.

So let us continue to encourage one another consistently, in friendship and fellowship, all of which unites us.

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