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by | Jul 13, 2023

You never hear anyone who’s wining big in their life tell you how much it sucks.

Only people who are losing say that shit.

So when losers point, laugh, and judge your journey from the sidelines understand something…

They are too lazy to think outside the confines of mediocrity.

Real winners don’t waste time judging other people or talking about how they’ll “start tomorrow.”

Winners put all their time and energy and focus into practicing their skill set…

And executing against their goals…

Day after day…

Week after week…

Month after month…

Year after year…

Until the end of time.

And, they root for people like you and me to win.

They give away information.

They are willing to make introductions.

They enter conversations with positive intent.

They want to win B I G in life…

And they want you to win, too!

If you’re the subject of someone’s shit talk…

…so what?

Put your head down.

Keep going.

And win.

Anything less should not be tolerated.

With fire and love,


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