Let Me Introduce Myself

by | Oct 25, 2022

Hi… I’m Erin. But you might hear people call me the AMBITIOUS AF PATRIOT. We’ll get to that in a minute. I want you to know what they called me as a kid…


Even the teachers.

I suppose society had a plan for me:

1️⃣ Go find a husband.

2️⃣ Be a secretary.

3️⃣ Die.

I guess somewhere along the way I made different plans.

I just didn’t know how to get there.

Until I started doing the real work that made me feel like an outsider.

And I raised my standards.

And I started keeping the promises I made to myself.

And that’s when I found a new path.

A lonely path.

I realized I wasn’t like everybody else.

My minimum personal standards were extremely higher than others.

My ambition coupled with ego was too much for my inner circle.

And that’s when I said, “fuck these people! I’m gonna vibe on my own.”

So I started writing letters to myself and posted them on social media.

People started calling it “motivational content.”

Honestly, I was trying to remind myself of my own motivation within and used those posts as time stamps to refer back to.

Kinda like a diary.

That’s how AMBITIOUS AF was born.

If you don’t know, AF stands for AS FUCK.

Soon, I started teaching people what I know about going from a dirt poor, two-time college dropout to launching a six-figure business model from scratch.

And I’ve mixed in resilience, neuroscience, grit, self worth… and how to win the day!

Everything based in reality, not theory, because it’s what I’ve done in my own life.

And what people takeaway most is… “that girl uses the F word!”

Seriously, thousands of hours of content and that’s the takeaway.


Oh yeah, I like to remind people that they’re fully capable of making changes in their life right now… regardless of circumstances.

And I talk about mental toughness, too.

Because when life puts you in a serious choke hold the only way out is mental toughness.

That’s what AMBITIOUS AF is all about.

That’s who AMBITIOUS AF attracts.

An elite group of overachievers who don’t measure success the same way others do.

We’re never after one thing but after ALL of it: success, adventure, experience, memories.

I guess you could say we’re people who are driven and want more.

We’re a community of likeminded individuals.

A damn great community!

Honestly, seeing you all succeed is how I measure my success nowadays.

And that includes the American spirit, the love of liberty, and free enterprise.

Speaking of freedoms… I exercise mine.

I stand up for what’s right even if that means standing alone.

ESPECIALLY if that means standing alone.

I get censored, labeled politically incorrect, and shadowbanned all in the name of tolerance.

But, what’s more important than wanting to protect the unborn, second amendment, and pursue happiness?

Ultimately, here’s what you should know about me:

I want you to win.

I’m here to make that happen.

So let’s fucking GO!

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