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Destroy The Mediocrity In Your Life

by | Oct 21, 2022

Society conditions us to fall in line.

To do what’s comfortable.



Low stress.

Everything in my feed is about how to lead a very low pressure lifestyle with some sort of “hack” or “shortcut” or special “formula.”


The social media “gurus” will say anything to sell you their shit.


And they make it sound so good.

They make it sound so easy.

Know why?

Because the SHEEP are an easy sell.

They won’t touch any of the hard shit that invites adversity…

…because that would require hard work and focus and effort.

They avoid the pain.

They avoid suffering.

They avoid disappointment.

In an American culture where 14th place is a badge of honor…

…and avoidance is encouraged…

…the level of “what could have been” doesn’t surprise me.

That’s why…

…when everybody else spins in circles…

…when everybody else talks about how it wasn’t “meant to be…”

…when everybody else quits on themselves…

Be the motherfucker who walks through fire and brimstone.


And seek out adversity.

And engulf yourself in your suffering with curiosity rather than contempt.

Here’s why:

Your greatness is determined by the strength of your adversary.

Are you trying to win against “mediocre” people?

Who do you measure yourself against?

Seek out the very best.

Seek out the strongest.

Seek out the smartest.

Seek out the badass mother fu ckers who don’t quit on themselves.

Align yourself with these people.

Work harder.

Destroy the mediocrity in your life.

There is no escaping the work.

Learn to embrace the pressure.

Greatness will be the outcome.

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