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Let The Haters Misunderstand

by | Mar 10, 2023

If you aren’t living the kind of life that causes some jealousy, envy, criticism, and pisses a few people off…

You just aren’t trying hard enough.

Quit worrying about someone else getting offended…


For every person who talks shit…

You are inspiring 100 others to build something great with their own lives.

Don’t deny yourself or cheat the people who would otherwise be inspired by you…

By being a weak ass little bitch who is too afraid to “rock the boat” because the care bear motherfuckers in the nose bleed section are booing.

You could be the ONLY reason many other people think they “CAN…”

And what happens if you quit?

They quit.

And that ripple effect could be monolithic.

Let the haters judge.

Let the haters gossip.

Let the haters misunderstand.

Just remember…

When people make snarky comments and talk shit about you and what you’re doing…

They’re the ones who have done the least with their life.

They will never become any better than they are right now.


Not a year from now.

Not five years from now.

Not 20 years from now.

They will remain the same.

You won’t.

Their punishment is the miserable life they wake up to and have to live inside each and every day.

So start build the life you want right now because no one is coming.

Its on you.

With fire and love,



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