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Never Compromise Your Standards

by | Oct 17, 2022

“Hey Erin, do you think that stating your PATRIOTIC views will hurt your business?”

And my answer has been and always will be…

HELL NO! 💪🏼👊🏼🇺🇸

Not even close.

So many of you are too concerned about getting a mean stare down at the water cooler for speaking your truth.

And this fear keeps you from expressing your VALUES.

And you never establish what you stand for.

That’s one of the biggest reasons people and businesses fail.

And if you think that’s harsh you damn sure won’t like what I’m about to say…

You need to show people what you give a fuck about.

And for most of you that means standing forward and awake…

…in a way in which the corrupt public expectation disapproves…

…but you absolutely believe with every fiber of your being to be correct, and honorable, and acting with good intention…

…so that you help America maintain her footing!

Sure you’ll piss some people off.

They’ll call you a piece of shit.

And try to “cancel” you.

But this will always be the case.

Because those people were never going to support you anyway.

And they likely NEVER will.

Fuck those people!

Because the beauty of drawing a line in the sand means…

You’ll also attract people who LOVE you for it.

And the people who love you will stick by you.

And stick up for you.

That’s why you should always stand up for what you believe in.

We don’t need you to be perfect at it.

We need people who are vocal.

We need people who are fighters.

We need people who are resilient.

We need people who give a damn.

We need people to stand forward and awake.

We need mental toughness.

Because there are transgressions against your sovereignty happening right now.

And here’s why that point is so important…

If you do not object when the transgressions against your sovereignty are minor…

Why should any of us believe that you will not joyfully participate in your own subordination when the transgressions are corrupt?

You and I both know that so many Americans have accepted a path that is considerably less than what you and I truly want for this country.

So you need to ask yourself…

What kind of example are YOU setting for your neighbors?

What personal standards do YOU hold for yourself?

Are you training hard, eating right, and taking care of YOUR body?

Are YOU living the kind of life that you want to see your fellow Americans live?

So now you have a choice…

Keep living a weak, bullshit life and hide behind closed doors never standing up for what you believe in.

Or don’t.

Either way…

FREEDOM only exists when it’s exercised.


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