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“I Quit Because It Was Hard”

by | Oct 19, 2022

Most people LIE to their kids, just like they LIE to themselves.

You want to know why?

Because it’s easier to tell their kid a victim story about how things just “weren’t meant to be.”

They spew words like “unlucky,” “no opportunities,” “fu cked over,” “screwed,” or “it only happens to one in a million” stories.

But no parent ever looks their kid in the eye and says…


The truth is…

…these parents never actually tried.

These are the same parents who disintegrate our American culture on the sidelines of youth sports championing 14th place…

…and mediocrity…

…and entitlement…

…like it’s a badge of honor.

It’s not.

And as a result…

Today’s youth does not believe that massive success is possible which is why they grow up to get their ass beat in the real world.

And worse…

These parents take shots at those actually winning in life, in front of their kids, as though success is evil.

Which teaches our youth to be helpless…

And that wealth is for other people…

And changing the world is for other people…

And chasing your most ambitious desires is for other people.


I could never imagine telling my family,

“There’s no food on the table, no birthday gifts, no power in the house…

…because I decided to pursue temporary pleasures and get fucked up with meaningless people who have never amounted to anything.”

Stop telling our youth “everything will be ok as long as you do your best.”

You teach this to your kids because YOU avoid the struggle that comes with developing grit…

…and doing the shit you need to do to get better.

The real world doesn’t care that you “did your best.”

And will NEVER reward mediocrity.

It’s your OBLIGATION to future generations to set the example of what’s truly possible.


And for those of you who set the example of discipline, grit, self worth, endurance with your actions…

For those who bleed alone in the dark…

For those who persevere when no one is watching…

For those who work through weekends, holidays, vacations….

For those who hold high standards and never compromise those standards…

I want you to know you are not alone.

I’m with you.

I salute you.

Let’s shove success down the fucking throats of the mediocre narrative with our actions and ultimate life.

And let’s step up together and be the example of what’s possible when you keep going and don’t quit.

P.S. Consider what’s happening in America now… and note that this is how we fix America… by every person setting the highest possible standards for themselves and doing everything in their power to hold themselves accountable… and it starts with you.

Every single day.

For life.


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