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Never Wrestle With Pigs

by | Feb 18, 2023

Those of you displaying your “internet beef” in the comments on posts need to know this…

No one cares but you.

There’s a saying that goes…

“Never wrestle with pigs. You’ll both get muddy and the pigs like it.”

It’s true…

And, if applied in real life can save you a lot of time and wasted energy.

Remember something…

No reaction is a reaction and can send a powerful message.

When people fuck with you, the way you win is by not reacting and understand it’s a “them problem.”

Champions understand this concept.

They understand that they only have so much time and energy to draw from in one day…

And any piece of that time and energy spent on arguing with people…

Getting involved in drama…

Or actively engaging with ANY bullshit…

Is time and energy not spent on moving the needle forward in their own life.

Mediocre people won’t get this concept.

That’s a fact.

You need to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

And when you do…

That means you will be moving forward and they’ll be stuck in Loserville.

Eliminate any and all toxicity and petty bullshit…

And replace it with people, conversations, and social media content that duplicates your positive energy.

Nothing else can be tolerated.

If you continue to wrestle with pigs…

It will cost you everything.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

With fire and love,



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