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Something You Don’t Know About Me

by | Dec 2, 2021

I am a two time college dropout. 

I didn’t have a formal education that most professions require and lived hand to mouth for years.

When I did go back to college it took me five and a half years to complete my undergrad.

And, when I was accepted into graduated school and earned my MBA I couldn’t find a job that supported being a mother my kids deserve.

So… I did a cannonball off the high dive straight into entrepreneurship.

That was just over five years ago.

I’ve failed more times than I’ve succeeded.

The daily throat punches don’t exactly provide solace.

Some days I pray to fall asleep before I fall apart.

But, I keep getting back up the best way I know how…

And press forward through the struggle.

I look to people more successful than I am for the answers I don’t have.

I keep my mind open and free to learn and adapt.

I focus on staying flexible and committed to my goals.

Because overnight success doesn’t exist.

👉🏼 Don’t believe all the hype you read on social media from people who haven’t done shit in their lives.

We’re all sold the story that we’re broken and need fixing.

That bullshit is a dream killer.

Don’t believe it.



Go all in.

And push back against complacency with every piece of energy you have.

Or spend the next 25+ years stewing in bitterness, completely mystified as to why things “didn’t work out.”


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