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Start With Yourself

by | Oct 1, 2022

People change. Places change. Plans change. Relationships change. Goals change.

But the one thing that I observe that holds people back the most…

What causes the utmost frustration, anger, and bitterness about life…

Is their RESISTANCE to change.

When you are in pursuit of your maximum potential, change is inevitable.

Yet so many people spend an enormous amount of energy fighting change.

In doing so, they can’t pull themselves out of their own bubble to realize…

Whatever they’re holding on to no longer serves a purpose, or brings joy, or supplies fulfillment, or most importantly…

Allows the progress in life they claim they want.

You want to live in a better society?

You want your spouse to be a better person?

You want more compassion from your neighbor?


Be the example of a healthy lifestyle.

Be the example of how to treat others.

Be the example of good parenting.

Be the example of hard work.

Accept that change is a part of your journey.

Winners function like this.

Learn from the experiencs…

Take the lessons with you…

And turn toward your future thankful…

Not bitter.

Everyday you spend fighting the wrong battle…

Is a day you miss out on becoming the change you want to see in the world.


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