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This Is Why You’re Miserable

by | Oct 2, 2022

Want to know why none of that “love yourself” or “happiness” content actually makes you happy for longer than 9.5 seconds?

Because it’s bullshit.

Because YOU know YOU.

You know deep down (where nobody else can see) what you’re leaving on the table…

You know you’re wasting your potential.

You know you’re cutting corners.

You know you’re hiding behind a facade.

You know you’re lying to yourself.

And you hate yourself for it… THAT is why you’re miserable.

All that time you spend double tapping memes and reciting positive affirmations in the mirror…

Is time you need to be spending on learning and practicing the REAL skills that will move the needle in your life.

In doing so, it becomes a disciplined skill set you can leverage when needed.

That takes YOU continually executing on a set of promises you keep to yourself.




Including weekends, holidays, and vacations.

Want to be happy?

Want to have a kick ass relationship?

Want to build a fulfilling career?

Want to make more money?

Keep the promises you make to yourself FIRST!

The decisions you make today will dictate your future.

Remember that.


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