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Stop Bragging About Being “Busy”

by | Mar 7, 2023

Why the fuck people brag about how “busy” they are baffles me.

“I’m busy” literally means nothing to anyone but you.

When I hear someone brag about how “busy” they are I automatically think they are highly ineffective, disorganized, and mentally weak.

Shit, if they were more effective they’d have something a helluva lot better to brag about than “busyness.”

Here’s what it all comes down to…

It’s not about your hopes.

It’s not about your dreams.

It’s not about how many hours you grind.

It’s not about how many calls you make.

It’s not about how hard you try.

It’s not about what you deserve.

It’s not about what you say you’re gonna do.

It’s not about how “busy” you are.


This world rewards results.


It’s a concept that average minds don’t comprehend.

With fire and love,



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