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Stop Complaining About Your “Bad Day”

by | Aug 3, 2023

I’m not gonna pretend being an entrepreneur is all fun and giggles. It’s not.

It actually sucks most of the time.

It’s hard AF.

I’m tired AF.

I feel alone AF.

But here’s what I know…

These are the days when everybody else turns their back on their game plan.

These are the moments when most people get derailed.

This is when your inner critic whispers “give up motherfukker bahahahahha!”

And that’s exactly where the gap widens for champions.

This is where discipline is built.

This is where perseverance is tested.

This is where you build the skill sets to outlast…

For months…

For years…

For life.

So stop bitching, whining, and complaining about your “bad day”…

And utilize these situations to prepare yourself.

Get off your ass today and create a stronger, harder, smarter version of yourself…

So when the REAL shit storm strikes…

You’ll be unfuckwithable!!

Nothing less should be tolerated.

With fire and love,



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