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Stop Tormenting Yourself

by | Oct 2, 2023

You have been conditioned to self censor.

You have been told that success isn’t for “people like you.”

You have been told that doing anything outside the confines of mediocrity is stupid, selfish, impolite.

It’s all bullshit. 

It’s a coward’s creation.

You’re afraid because of what “they” might say because you’ve allowed yourself to become afraid.

It’s time for you to snap the hell out of it and realize that nobody gives a shit about what you do.

Literally no one.

Quit tormenting yourself over what the world might think if you do, say, or think outside the confines of mediocrity.

Who gives a shit?

YOU, that’s who.

Everybody else is wrapped up in their miserable, mediocre life agonizing over the exact same thing as you.

Let it fucking go.

You can do, say, think whatever the hell you want.

And guess what?

Nobody will likely even notice whatever it is you’re doing.

That’s a godsend right there.

Unlock yourself from your own mental prison.

It doesn’t have to be this excruciating.

Dust off your courage and find your fire.

Chase your most ambitious desires and build your ultimate life.

And, fuck anyone who doesn’t like it!

It’s literally that simple.

With fire and love,



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