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Acting Upon Your Decisions Is Not Optional

by | Sep 26, 2023

Most people spend the majority of their life NOT acting on the decisions they make.

This always baffles me.

When they want to build their ultimate life…

When they recognize a problem that needs to be solved…

When they know they need to do things differently to produce different results…

Instead of running full speed ahead and taking ACTION…

They decide something else is more important and end up procrastinating.

And then, as their thoughts swirl around what they “wish they could be doing instead with life…”

…they continue the cycle of procrastination until they reach their death bed and think “damn I shoulda (fill in the blank with your biggest regret).

That’s the kind of regret I don’t want any of you to experience.

Me included.

You must make a decision and then ACT UPON THAT DECISION.

Not just when you “feel like it.”

Not when shit hits the fan.

Every single day.


So whatever you want to do with your life, go do it.

What are you waiting for, your fucking death bed?

Go chase that shit down like a bitch in heat.

Nothing less should be tolerated.


With fire and love,



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