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The Mindset Of Sacrifice

by | Sep 18, 2022

When you start developing the habits that will propel you forward in life…

And you stop doing all the things that keep you spinning in your own hamster wheel…

It can feel uncomfortable.

It can even feel like a sacrifice.

I get it.

You feel like you’re sacrificing your nights out.

You feel like you’re sacrificing vacations.

You feel like you’re sacrificing the fun shit.

But here’s the reality:

You aren’t sacrificing anything.

And this is the mindset that you need to transition…


The reason you think the pursuit of a better life is a sacrifice is because you think you’ll miss out on “all the fun shit.”

But the truth is…

The greater return on your investment comes from the pursuit of spending purposeful time and energy on your future self.

Your return is a better body.

Your return is a stronger marriage.

Your return is a bigger bank account.

Your return is a fulfilling career.

Your return is mental toughness.

And guess what?

It’s worth it.

So the next time you feel the fear of missing out creep in…

Understand something…

You’re not sacrificing shit.

You’re building a better future.


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