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This Is Why You Lack Confidence

by | Sep 19, 2022

You can’t buy self confidence.

You can’t borrow it from a friend.

You can’t get it from scrolling on the internet.

Confidence comes from keeping the promises you make to yourself.

Not just for one day.

Not just for one month.




For a long fucking time.

Understand that if you lack self confidence it’s likely you aren’t taking action.

The more action you take turns into more problems you solve…

And the more problems you solve in your life…

The more confidence you will build organically…

Without ever needing to repeat positive affirmations in the mirror.

And, here’s your takeaway for today:

Your lack of confidence is either because you’re not taking any action in life..


You haven’t been taking action long enough.

Be patient with yourself…

Keep executing on the daily…

And eventually your self confidence will become stronger.

Any other answer to this concept will come from someone trying to sell you a program you don’t need.

Go be awesome today!


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